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police handled the crowds. this sunday could be more dramatic. even those not watching in the city limits police urge everyone to enjoy super bowl sunday safely. >> the message we have is if you are celebrating or consume alcohol, do it in a way that does not require you to drive. plan ahead. celebrate at home. get a cab. do not drink and drive. >> as we look ahead to another hopeful world championship in the same year the celebrations after the giants' world series win in october were violent, destructive with law enforcement hoping if they win the super bowl it does not come to that, the the destructive people do not ruin for others. >> officials are cracking down
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on counterfeit sports apparel, with phony gear at the to which the list. authorities have seized $300,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise in the bay area part of a nation-wide effort called "operation red zone," with federal agents confiscating $13 million in counterfeit goods since september. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have more on the crackdown from new orleans. >> the 49ers are facing another issue surrounding l gbtv issues. linebacker brooks and a tackle did not know a video they took part in was actually supporting gay teen rights saying they first denied recalling being in the video and thought it was to prevent bullying. four of the 49ers were featured aiming to fight the bullying of teens. the project founder says the video has been removed from their site without explaining
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why. >> this comes on the heels of an apology from 49er defensive back for his antigay comments he made during an interview with a radio personality. he said he did not feel it in his heart and will learn. the 49er c.e.o. was embarrassed by the comments called them "dumb" and viewed it as a learning experience for the team^. turn to abc7 to see the celebrations with our news team in new orleans live on the air with an up-to-the-minute look how fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> other news at 4:34, the man who swing determined 40 people out of high end cars will be arraigned in a santa clara county courtroom. the man who goes by andy paul, is charged with six counts of grand theft. the 50-year-old man was arrested who ran sunnyvale motorcars.
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many of the victims say they gave him the titles of their cars so he could sell it but the cars disappeared from lot along with the suspect. we will have more in a live report in 30 minutes. >> the city of oakland is the first city in the country to launch an i.d. card for people with no official form of identification. the oakland city i.d. prepaid mastercard program was introduced by the mayor and former council member that will provide identification to residents without legal immigration status. it doubles as a debit card. it will be available to oakland residents for $15 as the city have office and an office in fruitvale district. >> a monitor overseeing police reform says the department is backsliding. a report says that officers are failing to report misconduct of other officers and he says that
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he has seen an increase in the unjustified use of firearms. the report details an incident where officers pointed a gun at a sleeping toddler. the president of the oakland police officers union says that was taken out of context. >> they are serving a search warrant for narcotics in a home in oakland and they enter the only under the foot of the search warrant and were met with a family that included a small child. >> it is stubbing that we are not going forward but we are, in fact, going backward. >> oakland has implemented 11 of 22 reforms ordered by a federal judge. the city is hiring compliance director to help implement the rest. >> a state committee has approved a land to allow people to defend themselves in traffic court without actually going to court. the judicial council advisory committee is recommending a program to appear by two-way video from a remote location. the idea is to help those forced to travel a long distance
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because of court closures. the pilot program was started in fresno county. officials must submit their plan to the judicial council for approval. >> the slide bypass center in san mateo county will open. there is a new tour of the highway one tunnel today with the $300 million project long the coast was originally supposed to be finished in 2010 but was pushed back several times. caltran says it will open to drivers in the next two months. >> there was police action right there on the western side on the bay bridge upper deck but you can see from this picture it appears gone and sue will talk about that in a bit. >> traffic is getting through okay. what is it like headed to your car this morning? mike? >> chilly if many areas, some areas hazy and fog but nothing like new orleans where it is quiet. live doppler 7 hd showing nothing. temperatures under sunshine and
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61. if you are headed for the weekend it look like mid-60's under sun. at home we have more fog and haze in the north bay valley and temperatures are hanging out in the upper 30's to mid-40's through 7:00. as we led to noon, it will be a mild time, if you are outside for the lunch, 56 to about 60, a great time to be in an outdoor cafe. sunny this afternoon with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's and headed into the evening hours, very quiet for friday at 46 to 52. we will have high clouds tomorrow and that will keep us in the low-to-mid 60's and more sunshine for sunday and monday and temperatures, still, mainly in the 60's. >> we can have dim sum tomorrow. >> you have me hungry. >> now the bay bridge toll plaza in metering lights and there was
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police activity on the upper deck which is cleared and traffic is slowing nicely into san francisco. no issues here. we have tweaked the camera of our san mateo bridge at the toll plaza headed westbound, the tail lights to the high-rise show fog and moisture in the area but not any problem with visibility. traffic is moving nicely. if you are traveling north 101, the reverse commute from the top of the waldo to mill veil that is until 6:00 this morning and north 680 has a problem. 880, both directions you will find cones in lanes until 5:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> thank you so much. we hear what we want to hear, eric. >> that is partly true. a scare in the air. alaska airline flights is forced to make an emergency landing in
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oregon. >> police could be close to nabbing the super bowl ticket scamers who ripped off a woman for thousands. >> in today's tech bytes more than just "new york times", other major media companies as the "wall street journal" have been the victims of chinese hackers like the times. apple still dominates the tablet computer market with an increase in shipments, but a group says apple's share is shrinking and samsung doubled. >> facebook is offering gift cards. olive garden is participating. you may not see it right away it is being rolled out gradually. >> and the release of grand theft auto five has been pushed back to later this year. the publisher wants a little more time in order to "polish" the popular video game.
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have a
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>> petaluma and antioch and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> alaska airline passengers are waking up in seattle after a scary trip. they were forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot lost diagnoseness. the delight was forced to land in port land after taking off from los angeles, headed to seattle. the crew's first officer made the landing. the pilot was taken to the hospital to be checked. the plane took off and landed in seattle. >> the los angeles ambassador dip has relieved a retired cardinal in unprecedented move by the catholic church. mahoney was relieved the duties by the man who replaceed him as
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the church posted tens of thousands of pages of secret files on 122 priests accused of molesting children with conversations between mahoney and other officials how to protect the priests from law enforcement. the cardinal led the archdiocese from 1985 through 2011. authorities are hot on the trail of a baltimore ravens fan who scammed a 49ers fan out of $5,900 for super bowl tickets. the alameda sheriff is working with authorities in florida. this began last week when a woman wired money for tickets she saw posted on craigslist but in return, she got a taunting note rooting for the ravens. the rip-off touched the hearts of ticket master c.e.o. who gave her four free tickets to the super bowl. >> speaking of which, two more days until kickoff of super bowl
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xlvii and sibling rivalry does not get more intense than the harbaugh brothers. in two hours they will share a stage in new orleans, the first time any two head coaches held a joint media conference before the game. we have more on this family affair. >> the harry bowl or the bro bowl it is a super bowl first. the baltimore ravens, led by john harbaugh. on the other, san francisco 49ers, led by head coach, jim harbaugh. >> the team we will play is a great football team. they are extremely well coached. >> it doesn't matter who the coach is or what relationship you have with someone on the open side you are trying to beat them. >> john is good-natured and confident. jim, emotional and intense. they are 15 months apart, growing up they were close but
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competitive, their love of football ingrained at a young age. their fore coached football for 40 years at college and high school. they grew up on the sidelines, both played in college and john went right into coaching and jim played 14 seasons in the nfl before doing the same. in 2011 the two face off in a thanksgiving showdown. john's ravens got the win. but neither coaches won a super bowl. the harbaugh parents say football talk has been off limits this week, no prediction, no x's and o's much the parents are relishing the lead up to the game. this is a fantastic expense and, really, no one has it better than us. >> and this is like the frosting on the cake. >> the sports director larry beil and mike shumann and katie
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marzullo and wayne freedman are sending out a lot of great behind-the-scenes updates from new orleans and we re-tweet the best at abc7 news bay area. in 20 minutes, katie marzullo will look at the boom in counterfeit super bowl products that are authorities are trying to crackdown on. >> if the harbaughs can tease each other what happened to your red tie? >> my support of the 49ers is where it counts. in here. >> gotcha! we feel it. >> you said i cannot wear the same colors. >> i did. we are changing up just a little bit. that is in the form of warmer temperatures today, more fog out there and some of the haze as we look from the camera to the ferry building and they have turned off the lights on the bay
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bridge, the fun lights. now, the live doppler 7 hd shows it looks quiet right now. everything is out off the coast and into the ocean and that is the cloud cover that we would be dealing with normally so that is our offshore that is kicking and still bringing us this mild air mass. good thing is not a "spare the air" day and we are looking at temperatures in the mid-30's inland, but for antioch at 46, and mid-to-upper 40's in there and low-to-mid 40's in the bay and san jose is 42 and san francisco is at 49, down around the monterey bay and inland we have mid-40's and gilroy is 37 degrees. with fog to haze and mild conditions today, more clouds and dry tomorrow, and we have cooler weather next week, and a couple of chances of rain. for today, fairfield is a cool spot at 62 and san rafael and we will jump up to 67 in oakland and san jose for a warmer spot,
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and 64 in san francisco and 63 in concord. to the monterey bay, temperatures are running warmer in the upper 60's to mid-70's around salinas. now, as far as tonight's temperatures, you can see we will be mainly in the 30's and 40's again. watch out for you are headed to our beaches, tomorrow morning, or late this evening, through sunday morning, this is a chance of sneaker waves out there, so be careful once again. you see temperatures drop a little tomorrow and rebound on sunday, and we hang in the low-to-mid 60's for the better part of next week before the cooling trend and a chance of wind wednesday and thursday. >> happy friday, everyone, so far just overnight road work out there. looking at 80, the east shore freeway westbound, various lanes between central and powell street until 5:00 this morning so be aware of that and traffic is flowing nicely in the macarthur maze. in san jose, light conditions and the headlights headed north
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on 87 beyond the h.p. pavilion and road work still in lanes north we we from the bottom of the waldo through mill valley until 6:00 this morning, primarily the right lane and northbound 680, road work until 6:00 this morning, as well. kristen and eric? >> in an hour or less than that the labor department will release the january jobs report which is expected to show consistent job growth and some think the economy added 155,000 jobs last month but they expect the unemployment rate to remain at 7.8 percent. >> senator john kerry is set to be sworn in today as secretary of state after an emotional farewell to the senate after representing massachusetts for the past 28 years. he is set to take the oath of office for his new post in a small private ceremony. john kerry will succeed secretary of state, hillary clinton, who officially steps down today. at his request, john kerry will be sworn in by supreme court justice kagan.
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>> next, the bag of jewels police in the east bay are trying to reunite with its owner. >> new warning of energy drinks and what they could to do your
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>> welcome back, this morning police are looking for the owner of a bag of jewelry found in fremont. these are pictures of the jewelry found in a bag. a maintenance worker found the bag in the bushes yesterday morning. many of the items still have the price tags attached. if some of this belongs to you, contact the fremont police department. >> this morning, another reminder for people who park at meters on sundays in san francisco. it is no longer free according to the "san francisco chronicle", officers issued almost 1,800 tickets last sunday the first day the new rule was enforced. agree parking ended last month. tickets are $72 downtown and $62
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in other areas of the city. the rules will generate an additional $2 million in revenue for the city. >> chilly start to this friday morning. >> will we warm up? mike nicco? >> we will look at our forecast, we will start this morning, 35 to 45 and more fog, and thicker than it was yesterday. we will have haze but don't worry about the air quality, it will be fine this afternoon, 61 to 69. enjoy the evening, it will be mile at 49 to 54 degrees. now, a look at what is going on as far as doppler. it is a great time to be traveling the state as there have been no weather worries. same thing today. temperatures are running 48 in tahoe and 52 in yosemite. and 71 in san diego and near 80 in los angeles today. sue? >> great conditions here. if youing leaving novato south 101, beyond marinwood, you can
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see we are looking north to novato and everything is moving nicely to the golden gate bridge with for delays, just road work the next few minutes, westbound 92 the ramp to southbound 101 remains shut down the westbound dumbarton bridge road work until 5:00 a.m., and eastbound direction the road work will be picked up at 6:00 this morning and southbound 85, 101 the road work will continue for five minutes. kristen and eric? >> a new study this morning as to the wantings of young people consuming energy drinks. researchers say the drinks can be a downer for teens causing racing heart, sleepiness night, anxiety and stomach problems. doctors say they are seeing more such cases. the study released by the american academy of pediatrics found a can of energy drink is equal to drinking a bottle of wine and a few cups of coffee. >> a lawsuit filed in san jose says the antidepressant zoloft
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is no more effective than a sugar pill. >> the lawsuit accuses the maker, pfizer, of fraud saying it paid the doctors to push the drug and claims that pfizer did not punish studies that found the drug "as effective as a placebo." pfizer called this "frivolous," and asking the judge to approve two class action cases, one for people in california and one for all united states users. >> cold medicine is taken off the market because the caps can fail. the maker of the syrups are recalling two million containers of the product. the consumer products safety commission says the child resistant cap can be removed by kids posing a poisoning risk. there have been 12 reports of children unscrewing the locked
4:55 am
cap. four of them ingested the product. >> next at 5:00 a.m., a new development in the case of a local car dealer who vanished with people's cars and cash and they may finally find out what happened to their vehicles. >> the chaos of a repaving project on a local highway.
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. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 4:59. last work day before the 49ers, you know, crush the ravens in the super bowl. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. the weather is also a big event. mike? >> we will start with what is going on this morning. here is live doppler 7 hd and we are off to a dry start picking up a lot of dry air and fog in the north bay valley. watch out for that. it is thicker and more wide-spread fog. temperatures are running in the mid-30's to upper 30's inland and antioch is 46 and 42 in san jose and 49 in san francisco. in the afternoon we are in the low-to-mid 60's at coast and low-to-upper 60's with a lot of
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sunshine bay and inland. sue? >> the bay bridge has metering lights still off. no issues coming into san francisco which good for friday morning. you can see the san mateo bridge, the view from the toll plaza westbound you can see a few tail lights headed to the foster city area and no delays here, and starting to slow out of antioch which is typical with speeds of 35 miles per hour moving to the pittsburg area and a good ride through the central valley and up and over the altamont pass. no delays here, as well. kristen and eric? >> we have breaking news in oakland where an amber alert has been issued. oakland police are looking for a chevrolet pickup truck license plate 7n79574. the child involved is an 18 ma old girl who

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